No suspected cholera cases in City of Tshwane 04 July 2018

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No suspected cholera cases in City Of Tshwane

Updated: 04 July 2018

No suspected cholera cases in City of Tshwane


The NICD is assisting the Department of Health to investigate a report from a councillor of increased cases of diarrhoeal disease possibly linked to unsafe water in Region 2, City of Tshwane.

Public sector healthcare facilities in the area have not noted an increase in diarrhoeal disease, and review of available data confirms this. Four stool samples collected from persons with diarrhoea have been sent to the NICD for testing so far. No bacteria (specifically, no Vibrio cholerae which causes cholera) or viruses were detected in these samples. There is, therefore, no evidence of an outbreak at present. Testing of potable water is underway to assess water safety, and the NICD will meanwhile continue testing stool samples.

Communicated by: National Institute for Communicable Diseases

Updated: 04 July 2018


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