Malaria update: June – December

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Malaria advice for travellers – June to December


Malaria advice for travellers – June to December

There was a decrease in the number of reported malaria cases from January to May 2016 compared to the same period in 2015. These are malaria cases confirmed in South Africa and include both local and imported cases.

Malaria risk is greatest during the period from September to May and for travellers to areas considered moderate to high risk, anti-mosquito measures are essential and malaria chemoprophylactic drugs are advised. During the low risk season from June to the beginning of September mosquito preventive measures should still be provided but malaria chemoprophylaxis is not routinely recommended for visitors travelling to malaria risk areas in South Africa including the Kruger National Park.

Travellers to Mozambique should be aware that the risk of malaria is year round, but with a reduced risk between June and the beginning of September. Personal Protection against mosquito bites is important throughout the year. Chemoprophylaxis should still be considered during this period, particularly in northern Mozambique.

The chemoprophylactic drugs advised are doxycyline, mefloquine and atovaquone/proguanil. Contact your health care professional well before your visit so that the appropriate medication can be prescribed.

Any flu like illness or acute fever in persons living or having visited malaria areas must be investigated for malaria urgently irrespective of the time of year, irrespective of the level of transmission in the malaria area and / or whether chemoprophylaxis has been taken. This is particularly important in the months May to September as this period coincides with the influenza season in Southern Africa.

Updated: 06 July 2016



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